Bethany Freeland - About Me

I originally created this site as a place where I could experiment with open source web content management, and still use it for that purpose, but hey - since I'm here - I thought I could also post articles about the things that interest me and offer help to anyone who needs my expertise.

Data Integrity

I like that word - integrity. It implies reliability and trustworthiness. Data integrity, likewise, relates to keeping data consistent, accurate, and reliable.

Five simple business writing tips

Business writing can seem dry, but it doesn't have to be. Following a few simple rules can make your business writing more lively.

#1 - Use Present Tense

Present tense is more powerful - and usually more appropriate - than future tense.

Instead of, "Management will evaluate the complaint and issue a decision."
Say, "Management evaluates complaints and issues decisions."

A good way to check yourself is to do a word search on 'will' and replace as many as possible. Some 'wills' are okay, but many - maybe even most - are not.

What is a Relational Database?

Un-normalized spreadsheet of friends and phone numbers

It is easier to illustrate the concept of relational database than explain it, but I will try to do both.

A relational database uses related tables of data to optimize the database structure. There are a few goals you want to keep in mind when designing a database: