Change and Project Management

It's tough to change, isn't it? But it is sometimes necessary. Maybe you have used the same software or the same process for so long that it no longer meets your needs. Maybe you are growing, and you want to create a more unified vision and management system across your organization.

If you are trying to implement change, you undoubtedly have encountered a few barriers:

  • Budget limitations
  • Knowledge gaps
  • Resistance

Budget limitations

Most change requires some investment, but you don't want it to get out of hand. You probably want to use existing expertise and resources as much as possible, and minimize spending.

Utilizing your current management is a good idea. It increases engagement and keeps skills and expertise in-house after the initial push.

Knowledge gaps

It is unfair to ask managers and workers to meet new expectations without providing them with the knowledge they need to get the job done. Training is a necessary component of change, and equipping people withe the information they need also improves engagement. Make your managers your experts and champions.


People resist change for a few reasons. Addressing the knowledge gap is one way to reduce resistance, but engaging people in finding solutions is another. Consult with them about what is working and what is not, and thank them for their input, even their complaints. Involving people in identifying and implementing solutions can transform them from unwilling recipients to active champions.

Top management must also actively support change. Change means extra work, and without recognition and support from management there is little incentive to divert energy away from far more pressing daily duties.

Why hire a project manager to help implement change?

Extra resources are needed to make change happen. Maybe you can't pull someone away from your staff who can dedicate the time it takes to create timelines, assign tasks, conduct meetings, arrange for training and coach managers. Maybe your current staff does not have the expertise you need to get from A to B, and you need someone who can do some research and prepare a gap analysis.

Whatever level of service you need

It's up to you: whether you need short-term assistance identifying gaps and timelines, or a manager who can stay with a project to its completion, it's worth a phone call.