Small business owners often say they don't like having to market their company. They are great at the product or service they offer, but putting what they do into words, communicating with potential customers and reaching out are tasks that drain them and take time away from the time they could spend making money.

Small business owners need to be visible, though, and should have at least the basics: a client database and a website. You should also make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find and do business with you, whether it takes an online scheduler or build-a-quote.

Getting on line is not only easy but cheap these days. Web hosting companies provide assistance registering domain names and even offer free web building tools. You can also utilize open source web content managers like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, and storefront services like Shopify. Great access, but you have to figure out the content, too.

Do you want all content written for you, or just someone to take care of posting content to your site? If you need a quick lesson on how to add or edit content, no problem. If you need advice about how to come up in search results, I can provide some guidance. It's your business, and your website.

Call or email if you need a hand.